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What Is Desomorphine?

Desomorphine, Also Referred To As Krokodil On The Streets, Is A Potent Opioid Derivative Of Codeine. It Is Highly Addictive And Has Sedative And Analgesic Effects Similar To Heroin And Other Opioids. Desomorphine Is Also Known As "Russian Magic" Due To The Short Duration Of Euphoria (opioid Intoxication). As A Less Expensive Substitute For Heroin, It Is Known As "Poor Man's Heroin."

Explore Desomorphine Effects

The Substance Is Said To Act Quickly—within Two To Three Minutes—and To Be 10 To 15 Times More Powerful And Three Times More Toxic Than Morphine. In Fact, Desomorphine, A Substance Remarkably Similar To Heroin, Is Frequently What Is Left After The Hazardous Compounds Are Eliminated.

The Euphoric Effects May Start To Build Up Fast And Last For A Duration Lesser Than Two Hours. Many Users Discover Themselves In A Rapid Cycle Of Drug Consumption To Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms That Mirror Heroin Because The "high" Lasts For A Short Time. Physical Dependence Could Develop Quickly As A Result Of The Drug's Quick Onset, Brief Duration Of Action, And Frequent Administration. Desomorphine Was Initially Described In 1935 As A Treatment For Pain Brought On By Trauma.

The Medicine Was Discovered To Have A Stronger Analgesic Effect Than Morphine, Last Less Time, And Cause Less Nausea. Due To The Drug's Soothing Effects, Doctors Continued To Provide It Before And After Surgery. You Can order Desomorphine Drug Online From Our Website.

Is Desomorphine Addictive?

Opiates Including oxycodone, Heroin, And Codeine Belong To The Same Family As Desomorphine. Because Opiates Have An Immediate Impact On The Brain's Reward System, They Are Very Addictive. This Stimulation Of The Reward Area Of The Brain Results In A Feeling Of Euphoria That Is Challenging To Replicate In Any Other Way. Addiction To Krokodil Is Especially Dangerous For Those Who Have Opiate Drug Addictions, Such As Heroin Addiction. Physical And Psychological Dependence May Result From Repeated Use. Additionally, Users Develop An Increasing Tolerance, Requiring More Of The Substance To Achieve The Same High.

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